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Acrylic and Spray Paint on wood in Handmade wood frame

Height: 2 feet  Width: 3.5 inches  Length: 1.4 feet


We were Entangled in each others embrace, lost in the warmth that came from our bodies, we had fallen in the spaces between us that, we were desperately trying to fill.

This art piece is an original painting that will create intrigue and energy in any space it inhabits. It's rich colors, sultry feel and tantalizing imagry definitely makes it a statement piece. This Art is sure to stand out anywhere it's displayed,  it's contrasting and vibrant colors along with the two tongues entangled with their fleshy and sensual lips ,Striking teeth ( symbolizing temptation and passion) in the style of modern pop art is not for the faint of heart.

It takes about 3 business days to proccess an order and 5 business days for items to be packaged and shipped.

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