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About the Artist

Photograohy by Cromwell Schubarth

The story of Leeonnista.... my story, began with a propensity for the weird, the different, the uncommon, and a search for the strings that bind us all together.

Living in the soul of silicon valley, I am surrounded by a vast wealth of culture and beauty. In a city that is an uncommon marriage of past and unimaginable future, here I have crafted a space where art enthusiasts can find and buy uniquely beautiful pieces.
In the immortal age of technology and digital manipulation, I wanted to create a physical version of truth you can hold in your hands in this moment in time. 

Photography by @cromschu

For me, painting is the art of inhabiting two extremes simultaneously. It is the ability to be fearless and completely vulnerable. I am also fulfilling my need to be alone and surrounded; I can contribute to society while being utterly selfish. Art is more than space and perception; art is the exchange of emotions between the artist and the viewer.

In general, the art form I work in is Mix Media, which can include acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, ink, wood stain, and more. I start every piece by staring into space for hours, sometimes days, figuring out what I want to say. Once I find an idea, emotion, or message, I decide what materials to use. Every piece is given an extra layer of depth by having the materials formed around the concept instead of vice versa.

My creative practice focuses on finding these strings by exploring death, lust, humanity, myself, etc. I explore concepts through reiteration; each collection is a work centered around a single idea. In the attempt to find ways to connect to other people, understand them, and be understood.

There must be truths that bind us all as human animals. There must be strings that run through us all, tying us together in the collective consciousness.