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Truth Through Art

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The story of Leeonnista.... my story, began with a propensity for the weird, the different, the uncommon, and a search for the strings that bind us all together.

Living in the soul of silicon valley, I am surrounded by a vast wealth of culture and beauty. In a city that is an uncommon marriage of past and unimaginable future, here I have crafted a space where art enthusiasts can find and buy uniquely beautiful pieces.

In the immortal age of technology and digital manipulation, I wanted to create a physical version of truth you can hold in your hands in this moment in time. 


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From the moment you enter our site until you receive your art delivery, we have one goal in mind: to make your experience with Leeonnista as enjoyable and satisfactory as possible. We are available when you need them, to provide the advice, guidance, and services you may need.


At Leeonnista, we know finding that perfect piece of artwork isn’t always easy, and is often overshadowed by the long-term commitment and significant price tag. Our Painting Curation Services services make sure you come away with exactly what you want. Find out more about how this service can help connect you with the art you love.

You were once wild h​​​ere, don't let them tame you.

Isadora Duncan



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Photography by Cromwell Schubarth

Fashion Designer Rachel Riot

San Jose 95112

408 . 634 . 5511

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