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Brugmansia Arborea Series l


Black Wooden Box with Hand Crafted Skull. Brugmansia Arbborea on Background in eyes and Linning Inside of Box

Length: 4.25 Inches; Width: 4.25 Inches; Height: 3 Inches

Brugmansia Arborea

Brugmansia Arborea box is a momento mori. Not just a reminder of the ever looming shawdow of time, but a reminder to love, to help others, to be bold and to be kind. The flower Brugmansia Arborea are prized as decorative additions to the garden because of their elegant flowers. However all parts of these plants contain dangerous levels of poison and may be fatal if ingested by humans or animals. In our finite box with limited time remember to choose to love.

Hand painted stash box/ keepsake trinket box. Just the right size to fit all your knickknacks in. The size is perfect as a gift. Wooden keepsake boxes with hand painted Skull in acrylic and resin. Outside painted with acrylic paints ( water-based ), interior semi-gloss varnish protected. No compartments.

This box can be use to keeping treasures like letters, photos, jewelry etc., to storing small tools - makeup pencils, hairpins, keys - whatever you want and it is a beautiful house decoration.
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