Pound for Pound

Pound for Pound

Arylic paint on coffin shaped wooden box with resin finish

Height: 6 inches;  Width: 3 inches; Deepth: 1.75 inches 


Pound for Pound

The Pound for Pound box is a heavy reminder; we get what we give, we die how we live. Give the love you wish to recieve, be the kindess you wished exsisted, create the world you are wishing to live in.


Give, pound for pound.


This wooden coffin box is beautifully hand painted using oil paint covered with a protective clear coat. No compartments.

It can be used in countless ways. Perfect for keeping your most sacred possessions and the perfect size for a gift. 


It takes about 3 business days to proccess an order and 5 business days for items to be packaged and shipped.

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