Stained Wooden Box with Handcrafted Skull and Oragami paper

Length: 5.75 inches; Width: 5 inches; Height: 3 .25 inches



There is life, death and something else ....... etherial. A thing we struggle as a species to articulate that lives on the fringes of our minds. This unknown thing, the most deepest of abysts, sacred and unyeilding we it called Eternity. 


The Eternity box, we all deserve a sacred place for our sacred treasures. 


This is a beautiful hand crafted wooden box. It can be used in countless ways. 
Perfect for keeping your most sacred possessions, from a loved one's remains to loved jewelery, or photos.


Outside painted with stain, gold oil based paint and custom skull art with semi gloss protective clear coat. Interior stained and  painted with gold oil base paint with semi-gloss protective clear coat. No compartments.


It takes about 3 business days to proccess an order and 5 business days for items to be packaged and shipped.

For more questions, please ask.