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Dabbling in memory and art

Lily-colored sunshine tumbling from an ever vast,  ever flowing torrent of sky.  Swans of light,  landing like discarded feathers, enthralled in a trickling stream of wind, onto pastel linen.  Radiating nothingness blue, mimicking the green of broccoli,  and the memory of daisies.  Flowing in no order but straight.  Miniature creatures of four legs, six legs, too many legs,  fly, crawl, and jump in salutations.  The breeze steals the scent of  salty sweat, sweet and pungent grass and metallic ink.  Night brown eyes, the color of bark flicker up,  Colliding with fathomful eyes, deep and shaded.  Fleeting and unnerving, they witness eternity.   -Leeonnista

"An Introduction" 30 x 45 Acrylic and Molding Gel on Canvas 2011

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