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Salivation or Salvation

It's the shared uber you wished you'd taken; it's the bite of the cold as your hand part after saying goodbye; it's the most extended kiss, goodnight. You've left with a familiar hunger and salivation... or perhaps salvation. It is never wise to go grocery shopping when hungry; you'll just come home with a bunch of junk. And so so you sit in your frustration, lost in wonder, lust, and salivation.

This is one of quite a few pieces that I created years ago and couldn't finish until recently, and have never been seen. While I loved the piece when I first began Salivaton, I imagined it in a new white frame behind glass. However, for one reason or another, it didn't make the cut as a finished piece. As time passed and hopefully, I became wiser) I found this stash of art that I now saw in a new beautiful light. As part of the process of making room for a new series I am working on, I am finishing what I started all those years ago, so I can begin something new. About 2ft by 3 ft "Salivation" is Watercolor, Acrylic Paint, Color Pencil and Ink on Paper and Wood.

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