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Happy Early Christmas

Hear Ye! HearYe! New and Exciting Stickerzzzz are finally Here!!!

Are you that sticker lover who's a little bit daring? Or a spicy personality that need a few statement stickers in their life? Well, I have good new and great news for you. New stickers that are not for the faint of heart, have arrived and are available now.

I love how engaging and colorful each sticker design is, making it challenging to choose just one. Wheather your tastes lean towards the salacious, cute and only for the brave.

Or if you desire things that are beautiful like a poem and haunting like a forgotten memory.

There is a sticker design you are going to fall in love with. Printed on high quality, UV laminate protective gloss sticker material and made for durability. That is a love that will last a long, long time.

Each sticker is a segment of a larger Original art piece. Making each sticker design original and connected to a bigger artistic concept.

Having a hard time choosing. Don't worry! There is no need to stress, worry or bite those nails. You don't have to choose! I would like to introducing the sticker pack. Starting Dec 1. packs of 5 stickers will be available for $20.

Both New and Familiar art designs will be available in the sticker packs. You'll also be able be treated to new sticker release every 6 months.

Stick Original Art just about anywhere with Leeonnista's eye catching stickers! There's no place where your passions can't shine. Each sticker was made to be placed on your favorite items such as: laptops, water bottles, notebooks, car bumpers, skateboards, and whatever else needs a bit of style.