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Falling in lust with love

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Love and Lust, when confused for each other, can end disastrously; however when they accompany each other can be decadent in the most hedonistic way.

Love is a primal emotion that takes many forms; love for our children, love for friends, love parents, love for a passion etc. While this is the case, there is one type of love that is the most notorious of all... romantic love.

Lustful love.

A love that is both sweet and animalistic. Beginning with chocolates and poetry and ending with clothes scattered on the floor. An intense, sometimes ephemeral love based on emotional and physical chemistry.

These Lip Series themed cards are an opulent celebration of this dynamic dance between lovers.

"Be Mine" is a light, lusty and playful card; with vibrant colors contained in strong lanes, it vibrates with senual energy. What a perfectly delicious card to give with a sexy poem, and a titillating keepsake. How sweet the sensation. How sinful the taste.

Sultry and seductive the "Entangled with You" card is bewitching. Its unique style and colors

exudes passion and mystery. What could say "kiss me deeply and love me slow" more, than this sensual dynamite. Not for the faint of heart.

The "Dear Valentine" card color palette and gentle nature is sweet, like the taste of candy. Reminiscent of budding love and playful surprises, this card will make your mouth water in lustful hunger.


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