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Ecstatic Dance San Jose // Sonic Renewal

FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2022 AT 8 PM – 10 PM

255 North Market St, Ste 270, San Jose, CA 95113

2nd and Last Friday's of the month $25 donation at the door.

***Please access the gate from N. San Pedro St. side of the building. Take the stairway, weave around the wall and you'll see us down the hall on the left hand side. There is a parking lot that you can use after 6pm on the W. Julian side of the building, for free.

*** For the first 30 minutes (8pm-8:30pm) there will be someone to open the gate for you. After that, please text (408) 809-5884 access code into the building.

Ecstatic Dance is a two hour healing journey with a live DJ in a non judgmental, safe, heart-centered space. There are no steps to learn, just let the music move you. Dance alone or with others. No booze, no talking on the dance floor. We finish with a closing community circle.

Sonic Renewal (Manik and Containher)

The Amazing and beautiful Containher will be playing. She’s an SF Bay Area renaissance woman whose music interweaves folk, pop, and electronic with a deeply melodic core led by her heartfelt vocals. Her current suite of songs and new collaborations exist : to remind us all of what we really have on this beautiful planet, to remind us of what we can be at our best, and to also let us know what we stand to lose if we don’t.

Artist Nicholaus James Dalton often known as “Manik” dives deep in the sounds of Visionary ambient music and traditional dub mixing. Yes…A Live real time Dub mix with tape echos and reverbs, a rare and special experience. Influences of psychedelic, world, electronic and heavy sub bass beats.

*Bring your own water bottle. *The building has a parking lot that you can use after 6pm without a permit.

COVID SAFETY: Masks are optional. If you are feeling sick, please stay home! Please also cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough, and wash hands if you do, and before and after dance. Stay Safe. Stay Sane. Many of us Need Dance for our Health. Let's not Live in Fear, but be Smart, and Live in Love. Blessings!

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