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Carpe Diem Paris

On June 20, 2020 everywhere in France and in the world, in a huge chain of solidarity, more than 150 artists will create works live on Instagram from their studios which they will offer for sell in benefit of the Foundation for Medical Research. Throughout this campaign, they will make calls for donations. In addition to the live stream, our Youtube channel will broadcast live performances which will take place simultaneously on 5 continents and 2 hemispheres.

The works produced will be sold through our partner Monart, a platform using blockchain technology for total ease and security of transactions. June 20th. It will be the first ever artistic event of that kind and dimension!

I will be participating in the“Carpe Diem” online event to raise money and awareness for The foundation for Medical Research. When Roman poet Horace penned his famous phrase, "Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero", he meant it as a call to action, a declaration that tomorrow is unforeseen, and that it is today which must be celebrated.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the Foundation for Medical Research (FRM) has pledged to support no less than 24 promising research projects for an amount of 4 million euros in order to better understand and cure COVID-19. As many of you know, Carpe Diem was a live event which was scheduled for April 25th in Paris and was canceled because of the current health crisis. In an effort to continue our commitment to the FRM we have changed the nature and scope of the event to better suit our current situation. Participation in the event is quite simple.

*Penned by Eddie Cola

More about The Foundation for Medical Research (FMR)

Serving research and health for more than 70 years, the FRM is the largest charitable financier of French biomedical research as a whole against all diseases. Each year, it finances over 400 new research projects with one objective: to contribute to the development of innovative and pioneering research, bringing medical progress for all. Independent, the action of the FRM is made possible by the only generosity of its donors, testators and partners.

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