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BANDCAMP: Shout Through The Void

Bandcamp is an amazing platform and a great tool for musical artists, especially independent ones. It's a very accessible way to be discovered, share and sell your music. There is one performing artist in-particular who heartily agrees and is ready to shout it from the mountain tops. Meet ContainHer [ Trust me, you can't ;) ] and welcome to Bandcamp Fridays!!! Starting this Friday the talented and lovely Containher will be hosting Bandcamp Fridays, where people will be encourage to use the platform BandCamp both as lovers of beautiful sounds and mongers of music.

*click photo for music

ContainHer is a female artist, vocalist and electronic music producer that weaves transcendental sci-fi dreams into indy electro pop that scintillates with warmth and emotion. Her solo music can be likened to Depeche Mode riding the luck dragon from the Never Ending Story while being serenaded by Sade under an Abba sun. She also contributed to the beautiful independent game Ghost of A Tale (composing, arranging and producing Tilo's Songs).

You can find ContainHer

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