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A Taste

Back from the "Sell Out" in San Francisco, A Taste is intriguing and impossible to ignore.

When confused for each other, Love and Lust can end disastrously; they can be decadent in the most hedonistic way when they accompany each other.Love is one of those primal emotions that can come in many forms; love for our children, our friends, our parents, love for a passion, etc. While this is true, one type of love that is notorious .....romantic love. Lustful love.

I love this piece because of the transformation it took. I began this piece in 2014 in a rush of youth and artistic zeal. I made many pieces in this manner, ideas flowing faster than the hours of the day. I distinctly remember staying up for three days straight just creating and reiterating. When the sun finally rose on that third day, its light hit a pile of art.

After recuperating, I went through everything to decide which were too weird, not good enough, damaged or whatever the criteria for rejection were at the time. As a result, I ended up with a small pile of beautiful work and an even larger pile of rejected work. Years later and after several moves, I was going through my art supplies and stored pieces, and there were all these pieces I had spent hours and hours on and never saw the light of day. Some pieces I don't even remember existed, and I looked at this pile of work with different eyes. Many of these pieces were stunning, just not finished. I didn't know how then, to complete these pieces, so I disregarded them.

It was like finding treasure, and I wantded to string the idea of old things being found treasure to the completion of this piece. So I found discarded building materials and constructed a frame made of weathered, damaged and imperfect wood. And this idea brought the whole piece together and added an extra layer of meaning that is both physically and metaphorically striking.

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